Do you hate being photographed?

Friday, March 27, 2015


Yesterday was photo torture day. I had a bunch of PR shots taken for my upcoming new website. 

I am a photo-phobe. I hate the experience of the unfeeling machine lens inspecting every facet of my imperfect shell. My face ends up in horrible contortions, but in the end there are a few useable images where I am not squinting, moving, frozen, glaring, grimacing… Whew. That’s ticked off my list for another year or two I hope.

As for the website, it is around a month away – I hope. Why are new websites such a marathon? I have a professional designer working on it but it’s still an epic task finding and organising the photos and getting the various texts together, not to mention agonising over the words of my ‘About’ page, which has been written and trashed so many times. 

Why is an ‘About’ page so stressful? Of course it’s exposing yourself to the world, and trying to be honest, which means vulnerable. Plenty of people chicken out by using a CV for their ‘About’ page, or a formal bio written in the third person, but I have conscioisly chosen tonwrite on the first person. As an artist I believe there is an unwritten contact to be a bit of an open book – it’s there in the work in any case – BUT without subjecting readers to the too-much-information overload, la-la-la I don’t want to hear this, cringe. So it’s walking a dangerous line between a cliff on one side and boring blandness on the other. I guess I’d rather fall over the cliff than descend into invisible nothingness. 



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