The black hole that eats up artworks

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Googling yourself is not something I am actually recommending, but it is interesting. Personally, it is exciting to see where my work ends up. Above is a UK article I found which was published in The Telegraph and shows a painting I made several years ago. I remember being told that the woman who bought it had red hair which matched the painting, or the painting matched her hair. Whichever. But I didn’t get any other details. So it is a pleasure to see her here in person with the painting.

It’s lovely having galleries do the job of selling your artworks but sometimes it seems that the work ends up down a deep, dark rabbit hole and you never see or hear of it again. Galleries are often very secretive about where works end up. Understandably they are afraid that if artists get hold of their collectors’ names and contact details they will bypass the system and go directly to the client in the future, thus cutting out the middle man (the gallery) and avoiding paying them their commission. I, for one, have no intention of biting the hand that feeds me. It is in no one’s long term interest to act unethically in business and if an artist decides to work with a gallery they know the deal.

There’s something to be said for more communication and contact between makers and collectors. I would certainly like to hear from my collectors, and perhaps some collectors would also like to hear from me. Probably some have zero interest in this scenario, but others would like to have a communication channel, where they don’t have to feel nerdy or like a stalker or whatever. In any case, I am up for it.



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