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Monday, June 22, 2015


Cleaning lady painting Aerfeldt

Well, I am finally a COVER-GIRRRRRL!  My cleaning lady painting, that is. Green sponge, spray cleaner, fuchsia gloves… Sounds right.

Not much else I can say about it… Except that it’s in French and I was actually interviewed in French (eeeeeeek – my first French feature interview) and the journalist managed to turn it into a lengthy article and we even seemed to understand each other. Maybe I feel freer expressing my dark deepest thoughts in French because I think no one I know will be reading it, at least not the English speakers. Not quite true of course, but nice try. 

The thing is that I have decided to be more up front about the ideas behind my artworks, and this interview in French was my first stop along the new route. I’m naturally quite secretive and, if you go by those (terrible) personality tests, I am an introvert, but a passionate one; meaning I oscillate between being up front and out there, and then go and hide away when I’ve had enough. Is it just me, or are there others out there that are also hugely curious, and love doing these ‘scientific’ tests? I only take them if they are free, and sometimes even hunt online to get a code/voucher to use so I don’t have to pay. Because admitting you bought one of these things is embarrassing.

The magazine comes out in the first week of July and is a available from the Art Dans l’Air online store. Unless you are in the south of France. There will be around five pages in total.

Maybe I will post a mini summary translated into English…. Not sure yet.



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