Life versus Art

Saturday, September 26, 2015

There are times when art (or whatever else you are passionate about) gets shoved onto life’s backburner. 

For the past month and a half people in my life have been the centre of my focus – mostly aging relatives and their immediate needs and sudden emergencies. People trump art. That’s the way it is.

It is easy to start feeling frustrated, and I was, but in the end I learned (was forced) to transform my kicking and screaming into patience. Learning life lessons when you least feel like it.

Fingers crossed, my studio awaits. From Monday morning. My pent up energy will hopefully be transformed into productivity petrol.

Camera dramas

Over the summer the little pocket camera that I carry everywhere (I don’t have a smart phone but that’s another story) and which was only three years old decided that its time was up. It had barely reached toddler stage. Don’t you hate it when ‘hi-tech’ electronics just make it past the guarantee period before hitting the dust?

Planned obsolescence has rocketed to a new zenith. When my macbook wifi card stopped working a while ago the ‘genius bar’ adolescent told me that it was ‘vintage’ and there was nothing to be done. (Vintage meaning more than five years old.) He couldn’t believe that I still had the old relic.

So now, do I get a new camera or not? I am fighting it but will eventually have to succumb. I have a nice Canon DSLR which I use to photograph my artworks and take professional quality images, but carrying it everywhere gives me asymmetric shoulders which eventually turns into a back ache and even a migraine. 

I have started researching cameras online and discover that the choices have evolved dramatically over recent years. Seeing ‘everyone’ now has a smartphone, the number of small compact cameras on offer have dwindled away into virtual nothingness. There are a few but they are either super basic – not much better than a phone – or super sophisticated (and super expensive). The market is geared towards ‘Bridge’ cameras, which are reasonably big and heavy and come with super zooms, or the DSLR (which I already own). Funnily enough, whatever choice you make costs about the same amount of money ie a lot more than the small camera I am wanting to replace. For now I am dragging the elephantine Canon around with me and being a martyr. I guess it’s going to be a phone or an or overpriced compact digital. I will let you know how it pans out.

Here are a few pics of summer in the south of France and Barcelona. Visiting friends were the best excuse to interrupt the melodramas and get out and about.



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